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Learn More About the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham) Market. 

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Q: What is "The Triangle"?

A: The Research Triangle region consists of 13 counties.  Recently, much of the focus in this region has centered on Wake County (includes Raleigh...the state capital) Durham County (includes the city of Durham) and Orange County (includes Chapel Hill). 

Q: Why do I keep hearing about this region?

A: Because of the desirability of the area, many 3rd party sources have started to focus their attention on determining the reasons for its growth and vitality.  The Triangle region has appeared as a Top 10 location in many recent surveys. 

The Triangle is home to 9 colleges and universities.  It is also home to a diverse range of industries including healthcare, education, tech, life sciences, and manufacturing.
The triangle is also home to Research Triangle Park, the nation’s largest research park.  Visit for more information.

Q: Where can I find out more about the Triangle?

A: For more information about the Triangle Region, visit   This site provides economic data and an analysis of the region's competitive position.  In addition, the National Association of Realtors completes a very detailed annual report for 70 major metropolitan areas in the US, including the Triangle area. 

Q: Is the Triangle better for appreciation or cash-flow?

A: Both. At the time of this writing, the Triangle is on a strong growth curve with regard to appreciation.  The region is often referred to as "the next emerging real estate market in the US".  Property values have increased on a steady clip in recent years but housing remains very affordable.  The rental market is solid as well and, as of the time of this posting, vacancy rates remain low.  Contact our office for the inside track on properties for sale in the Triangle (many, even before they hit the open market!)

Q:  What appreciation rate should I expect? (trick question)

A:  The Triangle as a whole has been appreciating rapidly in recent years.  If the future mirrors the past, almost any area in the tri-city area will fare well, but I do not advise a purchase with the sole goal of appreciation.  In addition, because real estate markets are in constant movement, I can not (and do not) quote future appreciation.  No Realtor has a crystal ball that can advise you with certainty what your future appreciation will be on a given property, and I strongly caution you to run the other way from any real estate professional who professes to know such information!


Look at the past performance of the area and look for characteristics that typically point to continued growth, and purchase accordingly to realize solid returns in appreciation. 
I hope you have found this information helpful in becoming more familiar with the Triangle (Raleigh-Durh
am) market.  Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions, or if you'd like to move forward with acquiring a property in this vibrant area.  I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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